As much as I hate to have “resorted” to doing what I grew up doing, I have literally been designing since I was a kid. Sure, during the above era it was all logos for fake companies and toilet-humor advertisements, but I was all about attention to detail. Immature ideas never looked so crisp.
For the past two decades I've been designing professionally, in a wide array of mediums: print, web, logo, video, multimedia, environment, language... oh, and user interface. Man, you can't throw a smart phone without hitting a “UI/UX-pert” these days, can you? 
I'm not quite holding myself out with that title. I was designing UIs even before my 1996 internship with Macromedia in college, but I'm only just now leaning into the UI/UX wave (for most of my design past I've been a generalist), and I really don't feel a need to oversell my experience. Let's call me a Senior UI/Interaction Designer for the time being (it would be absurd to refer to anyone with my depth of digital background as anything less).
What I arguably lack in a recent UI track record I more than make up for in other areas:
Thorough attention to detail
A zeal for the logical organization of complex assets and information
 Careful and clear communication
Top-down approach to project flow and problem solving
Highly adaptable to changing project directions and requirements
Extremely efficient with tool usage and work processes

There’s more where that came from. Drop me a line here or at 415.699.1425 and we can chat about how I might contribute to your team or project.

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